The Studio will close from 20th June 2019

I would like to thank all my regular clients

Bowens Hi Glide system (5.5m wide x 5m deep) covering backdrop area for top, back or hair lighting.

The studio is in a former Chapel Sunday School Hall in the quiet valley village of Blaengarw

surrounded by hills and forest with an  total area of 200 sq m over two floors.

Ground floor has 4.4m high ceiling and the first floor a height of 3m.

The main studio has a width of 6.2m and photographers can shoot from up to 12m away.

There is a small reception area, changing room, office area, and kitchen with a microwave,

hotplate, fridge, kettle and I provide range of complimentary teas, coffee or hot chocolate. 

The studio has a total of thirteen flash heads, 1 Bowens 750pro (max speed 1/3250 @ t=0.5), 1 Bowens Esprit 500,

2 Bowens Esprit 250, 2 Lencarta Ultra Pro 300, 1 Elemental 300, 2 Lencarta  SF600 (IGBT) and 4 Lencarta SF300 (IGBT).

IGBT units are mains powered with very short flash duration, of  up to 1/20,000 sec @ T=0.1 at minimum power

plus a few battery flash guns and plenty of radio triggers. 

Lighting Modifiers

3 Octagon softboxes - 125 cm softbox,  110 cm softbox with gold/silver interior and removable grid and 80 cm softbox.

5 rect/sq. softboxes - 120x120 cm softbox,110x80 cm softbox, 90x90 cm softbox and 60x60 cm softbox.

5 strip softboxes - 2 of 200x40 cm softboxes with removable grid, 120x30 cm softbox and 2 of 90x20 cm softbox.

3 beauty dishes - 2 of 70 cm beauty dish and 1 of 40 cm beauty dish both  with removable honeycomb and diffusers.

2 of 18 cm reflectors with barn doors and various sized honeycombs and gel filter holders.

27 cm high intensity reflector and various 18 cm reflectors to use with umbrellas or different size honeycombs.

180 cm umbrella, 95 cm gold umbrella and 2 of  85 cm translucent umbrellas.

2 backlite reflectors, 2 snoot attachments, Fresnel spotlight attachment, Bowens spot attachment and gobos

Various sized reflectors or flags in assorted colours of white, gold or silver and a tri reflector.

There are white and black vinyl backdrops (@ 3.3m height), range of coloured paper rolls (3m height),

coloured clothes, green chromakey, plus many painted canvas backgrounds (see background page for range).

For effects there are two wind machines one variable speed and one designed for vertical flow of

air (for that Marilyn Monroe raised skirt effect), low level fog, snow, bubble and foam machines.

There is a range of stools and chairs, red leather library chair, tall throne, X frame throne, four chaise lounges, and floor cushions.

Other props include a pump organ, old tin bath, large wicker basket, gym horse, large travel trunks and school desk with blackboard.

Range of 5' by 3' flags (National and other) and flag pole, candlestick phone, old lamps and various candle sticks

There are 6 coloured satin bed sets, black, red, pink, cream, silver and purple and selection of cushions.

The studio has 4 secure fixings in ceiling to hang the studio's aerial ring, silks, ropes, chains, chair, swings and punch bag from. 

Also available is a 4.2m heavy duty 50mm Pole Dancing Pole that can be installed or removed in a few minutes.

Large range of props including a shop mannequin, large tiger, coffin, a range of outfits including some latex outfits, helmets,

shield, samurai swords and other replica weapons, guitar, cello, violin, balalaika, selection of masks, long boots, top hat, straw

boater, sombrero, other hats, milk churn, few fetish items etc, etc and various pieces of material so just ask me to see if I have.

The upper floor has the boudoir studio (white room) with iron frame bed (gets great natural light), large wet shoot set,

  free standing bath set (with foam machine) and seasonal set area which is usually as a old schoolroom with blackboard and old school desk.

Wi Fi available

For the inexperienced  in studio work I will be there to help set up backgrounds and lights.

So all you need to bring is model, camera and ideas.

Studio Floor Plan

View from rear stairs and top of backdrop system.


Suspension points to hang swing, chair or trapeze (picture on right was shot against a green screen cloth)

4 m. plus pole can be fitted in main studio. Picture below using coloured gels and smoke machine.


The Upper Floor

Plans showing the upper floor at present a work in progress

Boudoir/daylight studio on Upper floor

Studio wet room with a scene background, blue, grey or black backgrounds.

There are eleven showerheads in two rows and a 1.6 m waterfall. Mirror floor available.


The set room as Christmas set and Schoolroom


The Passageway


Bath set